​(Autism Speaks' Employment Initiative)


  • 92% of Americans view companies hiring people with disabilities more favorably than those that do not.​

  • ​​87% would prefer to give their business to companies ​who hire people with disabilities.

  • ​5% would be willing to switch to a brand associated with a good cause if price and quality were relatively equal.

  • People with disabilities are just as productive as their non-disabled peers, with absenteeism rates lower than or equal to others.

  • ​People with disabilities are creative, talented and innovative. Employers have seen a positive impact on morale, retention, and corporate culture.

  • Surveys of employers who use the Job Accommodation Network show that 50% of accommodations, if needed at all, cost less than $50, and 88% cost less than $1,000.​

  • ​The U.S. Census reports that people with disabilities represent $1 trillion, including $220 billion in discretionary income and have the most buying power of any traditionally underrepresented group.

Why hire someone with ASD?

Why Hire Someone with Autism?