12 MONTHS                                           2 PHASES                              1 LIFE-CHANGING PROGRAM

                  Persever8 expresses a passion for helping people with High-Functioning Autism reach their potential.  Through our top-quality tech-

         nology and workplace readiness/life skills training program in Research Triangle Park, NC, these individuals can prepare for employment

         opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be available.  Persever8 will provide a structured training program in software coding and testing, in

         addition to teaching the life and workplace skills necessary to achieve independence.

               Persever8 taps into the unique strengths possessed by many people with High-Functioning Autism (HFA), such as an ability to 

         concentrate on repetitive activities for extended periods of time and a gift for identifying subtle details that others often overlook.  These

         talents make technology jobs a good fit for some individuals with HFA.  Persever8's training programs build on the tremendous potential

         of people with High-Functioning Autism to serve Triangle-area businesses, and help trainees realize their dream of living a truly indepen-

         dent life.  


                Our two-phase job training program takes place across 12 months, with workplace readiness and life skills training woven 

         into each day's lessons.

         Phase One (Trainee):   Technical Training, Workplace Readiness, and Life Skills Program (38 weeks)


         Phase Two (Internship):  On-site internship with a local technology company (with ongoing support from Persever8's staff)

              Throughout Phase One, students will be assessed for their readiness for an internship experience.  For students who are offered com-

        petitive employment, Persever8's staff will offer support for both the student and employer via education and accommodations.  We will

        work directly with employers to help them understand the needs of employees with autism.  Persever8 will visit the job site regularly to 

        provide assistance to the employee and continued guidance to the employer on how to best support employees with autism.


                Persever8's Life Skills/Workplace Readiness Program will teach adaptive skills and positive behaviors that enable individuals with

        High-Functioning Autism to deal effectively with the challenges and demands of everyday life.  Topics that will be addressed include under-

        standing autism and anxiety, anxiety management, activities of daily living, and many more.

               Our immersion approach allows for greater opportunities for increasing the ability to maintain employment and live independently.  We

        will provide all trainees with the opportunity to create a "tool kit" of solutions that will expand their understanding of themselves - including

        their personal thinking and learning styles - and social situations.       


​            All participants in the technical training program will be required to also participate in curriculum in life skills and job skills education to

        prepare the trainees for success in their future professional life. 

            Admission to the training program will involve assessment of cognitive and independence skills in addition to technical aptitude.  

        Applicants must show proficiency in basic computer literacy including word processing, data entry, and presentation skills.

            Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 9:00am - 4:00pm in Research Triangle Park.  Technical training will take place in the 

        morning and early afternoon; life and job skills education will be interactive and participants will practice skills with each other both in the

        classroom and the community.

Our  Training Program