Is Persever8 Right for Your Child?

Is your child:

  • A high school graduate with a regular diploma? (Students                                                                                with an OCS certificate may be considered if they have                                                                         demonstrated the ability to take upper level classes)

  • A college student or graduate who is not able to find                                                                               employment in their field of study?

  • A person on the autism spectrum with average to above                                                                                                                              average IQ?

  • An individual who has the ability to communicate their wants and needs verbally and is able to follow directions?

  • A young adult who understands the chain of command within an organization and is willing to follow the rules and show respect for those in authority positions?

  • Someone who is interested in technology, wants to learn life skills and how to work with others?  Someone who would be a willing participant in both the technical training and soft skills training of Persever8’s program?

  • A young adult who is willing to allow their parent to participate along with them on their journey towards independence and employment?

  • An individual who is their own guardian?  Applicants who are not their own guardian may be admitted at the discretion of Persever8?

  • A person on the spectrum who can participate in a personal interview with minimal assistance from others?

  • Someone who will be willing to agree to Persever8’s Code of Conduct?

  • A young person who would be willing to provide letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, or other adult who is not a parent?

  • A person on the spectrum who would be willing to explore their thinking and learning style to better understand themselves?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, then Persever8 may be a good fit for your child.  By applying to our program, an individual is, in essence, self-identifying as a person on the autism spectrum.  Our program is designed to help individuals on the spectrum understand what it means to be an adult on the spectrum, learn from this understanding, and be better able to navigate the “neurotypical” world.   We believe in mutual accommodation at Persever8, which means we will make accommodations to help the individual with autism feel comfortable in our program, but we also expect the individual with autism to meet us half way.