Stephen Wiltshire MBE is a British artistic prodigy also known as the "Human Camera". He was made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) in 2006 for his services to art. He was diagnosed with autism at age 3. His work includes cityscapes and panoramas. He is known for drawing entire cities from memory, often after a brief helicopter ride over the city. He has a gallery in London.



Autism Success Stories

James Durbin is best known for being a finalist on Season 10 of American Idol, where he spoke frankly about his diagnoses of Asperger Syndrome and Tourette's Syndrome.  

Dan Aykroyd is an Academy Award nominated actor, comedian, screenwriter and singer. He was an original cast member on Saturday Night Live and has acted in numerous feature films. Along with John Belushi, he was a member of the Blues Brothers. He has been outspoken in recent years about his diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome.

Diagnosed with autism at age two, Temple Grandin went on to earn a Ph.D. in animal science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Grandin is a professor at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, an animal activist, author and the subject of an HBO biographical film. He is a consultant to the livestock industry and a leader in animal welfare.

Vernon L. Smith is a Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences. He is a professor of economics at Chapman University in Orange, California.  In 2005, Dr. Smith spoke about his diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome.

Daryl Hannah is an actor whose career began when she was cast in Ridley Scott's "The Fury." She went on to star in films such as Splash with Tom Hanks, Wall Street, Roxanne and Steel Magnolias, among others. More recently, she was the one-eyed assassin in "Kill Bill." She revealed in 2013 that as a child she was diagnosed with autism.

Matt Savage is a jazz prodigy, who graduated from the Berklee School of Music in Boston and is currently studying at the Manhattan School of Music. He is a composer, arranger, pianist, performer and band leader who has released eleven albums. He was born in 1992.

Tim Page is a Pulitzer Prize winning music critic, writer and editor.  He is a professor of music and journalism at the University of Southern California. He was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of 45 and has chronicled is journey on the autism spectrum in his book, "Parallel Play: Growing Up with Undiagnosed Asperger's".