Click below to download application ($25 application fee)


                                                 Application deadline:  July 15, 2016                                         

                              Please send application and supporting documentation to:


                                                  c/o Allison Zoller

                                                 1289 North Fordham Blvd., Box 236

                                                 Chapel Hill, NC  27514 


Additional Documentation (required):

(1)  Students who are recent high school graduates will be asked to sign Release(s) of Information for teachers/administrators at their high school or provide 2 letters of recommendation from teachers at their high school.  

(2)  Older students must provide (at least) two letters of recommendation from non-family members.

(3)  Psychoeducational evaluation (high school or post-high school) including a documented diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  

(4)  Cognitive testing, such as WISC, Stanford-Binet, etc.
(5)  Achievement scores

(6)  Speech and language assessment (helpful, but not required)

(7)  Behavior battery (assessing impulse control, etc.)  (helpful, but not required)

Executive Functioning and Adaptive Skills assessments will be administered by Persever8 staff prior to admission.