In order to address these problems, Persever8 created an innovative program to train young adults for living-wage jobs in the technology sector as well as to provide them with the necessary life skills to live a truly independent life.

National data indicates that 85% of adults with autism are unemployed or underemployed (Institute for Community Inclusion, 2012). Studies have shown that people with higher functioning autism are less likely to be employed than those who are more impaired because they have less access to community supports and services. Persever8 intends to be that community support and provide the services necessary to connect young adults with ASD like those in their group to meaningful employment.




About Us


            Our story began twelve years ago when a group of

          eight-year-olds with high-functioning autism began

          meeting weekly.  Today, these friends still get together

          regularly, but the challenges they face are very different 

          from the ones they faced as children. Now on the cusp of                                     adulthood, they along with their parents are concerned

          about more serious issues including employment,                                                 housing, and independence. Out of concern for these

          issues, Persever8 was born.                          

In 2012, a student in Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies Certificate Program made a film about this group of friends called "The Social Group."