Many thanks to Code Avengers, Persever8’s pilot program partner, for donating our Python course! Code Avengers is a New Zealand-based company that provides online classes in HTML, CSS, Python, Game Development, and much more. Their courses are great and the Sequence Grid Challenges are challenging and fun. Check them out at You’ll love the lessons, plus the awesome Monty Python video clips!

All participants in the technical training program will be required to also participate in curriculum in life skills and job skills education to prepare the trainees for success in their future professional life.

Admission to the training program will involve assessment of cognitive and independent skills in addition to technical aptitude.  Applicants must show proficiency in basic computer literacy including word processing, data entry, and presentation skills.

Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 9 am until 4 pm.  Technical lessons will be self-paced; life and job skills education will be interactive and participants will practice skills with each other and in the community.

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Persever8's Life Skills/Workplace Readiness Program will teach adaptive skills and positive behaviors that enable individuals with high-functioning autism to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Topics that will be addressed include understanding autism, understanding anxiety and anxiety management, activities of daily living, and many more. 

Our immersion approach allows for greater opportunities for increasing the ability to maintain employment and live independently. We will provide all our trainees with the opportunity to create a "tool kit" of solutions that will expand their understanding of themselves - including their personal thinking and learning styles - and social situations. 

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