Persever8's Vision​

Persever8 believes in the skills and abilities of people with high-functioning autism.  We know that quality job training and life skills education - in an environment that is mindful of their learning styles - can provide opportunities for their talents to be developed.  

Persever8’s goal is to provide access to technology instruction that will ready our trainees for living-wage employment opportunities in the tech sector, job skills education to help navigate the workplace culture, and life skills to educate and prepare for the responsibilities and demands of independent adult life. Our pilot program, powered by Code Avengers, seeks to be comprehensive and holistic. 

Persever8 will prepare you for a job in a technical field and for living independently. Our training programs will equip you for life beyond your parents’ home in ways that no other program can. Through our technical training and life and job skills modules, you will be presented with opportunities for learning the skills necessary to reach your full potential. The supportive community of Persever8 team members will provide you with the opportunity to form friendships and collaborate with others.

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"We have been working with adults with autism for almost 5 years now and they have become an integral part of our team. The dedication, dependability, and pride in their work is unmatched across our team and we could not envision the success of Shoeboxed without these team members!"​

                             Tobias Walter

                             COO, Shoeboxed

  ​An Affiliate of UNC's CIDD